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Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom
Hair Removal Broom

Hair Removal Broom

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Effortless Cleanup

No more struggling with vacuums. Sweep once and see the difference.

Works On All Surfaces

From rugs to hardwood floors, our broom tackles all surfaces efficiently.


Made from high-quality materials, our broom withstands the rigors of daily use.

Say Goodbye to Pet Hair!

Stepping into pet parenthood might feel like taming the Wild West of your living space, especially with all that shedding! Luckily, our Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom is here to corral those furry tumbleweeds. Designed for any surface, this versatile broom features soft, natural rubber bristles that effortlessly gather up the fur your pets leave behind.

The Ultimate Broom for Every Surface!

Whether it’s a fluffy carpet or a sleek hardwood floor, our broom knows no limits. It’s designed to tackle any surface in your home, effortlessly sweeping up pet hair and dirt. Just glide it across any floor type and watch it work its magic, leaving your space spotless without the need to switch tools. Perfect for busy pet owners who want a quick and effective cleaning solution.

The All-in-One Broom with Magical Fur-Lifting Power & More!

Fur Removal: This broom acts like a magnet for pet hair, easily picking it up from carpets, rugs, tiles, hardwood, and linoleum.

Extendable Handle: With a handle that stretches from 36 to 60 inches, you can easily reach fur in high places without needing a ladder.

Simple to Clean: Just use soapy water to wash off any hair clinging to the rubber bristles.

Built-In Squeegee: Comes with a handy rubber squeegee, ideal for wiping down windows and mopping up spills.

Don't take our word for it..

Clean Hair Off Everything

I have finally regained my sanity. This is after one of my dog's daily brushings. She has tons of medium length fine hair. This broom gets her hair off of anything. - Karen B.

Can't Believe How Well It Clean's

This thing does was it says! It picks up the hair quite well. I have a German Shepherd. If you've ever had one, then you know how much they shed...everyday. This broom is a lifesaver. It truly grabs the hair.- Britney W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this broom handle large debris?

It sweeps up large particles along with fine pet hair, making cleaning up quick and thorough.

Why not just use a vacuum? 

Our broom lifts up your carpet with the soft rubber bristles and collects all the hair your vacuum cannot reach.

Is the broom safe for delicate surfaces?

Yes, the soft rubber bristles are gentle on all floors.

Where do you ship to?

We ship all orders within a 48hr period and then delivered with in 10 business days to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand only once you have received your tracking number.

Do you offer free returns?

Yes. We offer a 60 day free returns